Kisan Vidya Prasarak Sanstha's

Karmaveer Vyankatrao Tanaji Randhir English Medium CBSE School

CBSE Affiliation Number: 1131022

Principal’s Message

Principal's Message

At KVTR CBSE School we believe that every child has the potential to make a difference in this world. We put efforts and are committed for our students harmonious development of body, mind and soul. Enhancing learning, building leadership and fostering 21st Century skill- sets of ‘creativity’ and ‘adaptability’ are at the cornerstone of every initiative.

We have adopted the culture of open interactive inquiry-based learning, where the child’s natural quest for learning leads the learning process and knowledge is not thrust upon them forcibly. Leadership skills are developed by entrusting children with tasks and responsibilities. Several platforms are provided to the students to discover and develop their unique gifts and talents. A range of field trips, excursions and visits by reputed guest speakers are conducted regularly.

The classrooms are transformed into ‘Think rooms and the walls into ‘Learning walls. Here the child explores multiple avenues of gaining knowledge and education is not merely restricted to the pages of the book or within four walls of the classroom. The theories of Bloom’s taxonomy and Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence is not only practiced in classroom transactions but also in the assessment process and evaluation of the child.

The different domains of the child e.g., Cognitive (Mind), affective (Heart), Co native (impulse) and psychomotor (Physical skills) are carefully groomed to develop holistic personality of the child. MSM English school gives your child a schooling experience to cherish for the rest of his/her life.


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